We’re transforming volunteering at Scouts to make it easier, more enjoyable and rewarding. These changes will come into effect when the new digital tools are launched in late Spring 2024.

In the new approach, each Group will have Section Teams and a Group Leadership Team.The team structure means it’s clearer how people can get involved with Section Teams in a way that works for them. It also helps when existing volunteers’ circumstances change – they don’t need to go through a formal change of role process, but can instead flex their involvement in the team.

Section Teams

Most volunteers will now be called Team Members, this replaces the role titles Assistant Section Leader and Section Assistant. Of course, volunteers can still use their own choice of name when speaking to young people, parents and caregivers – for example, you can still be called a ‘Beaver Leader’.Section Teams will usually have at least one Team Leader (this can be a shared role). Team Leaders will help guide, support, and facilitate their team of adult volunteers to agree who’ll do what within the team.

Group Leadership Team

Within our new approach, instead of a Group Scout Leader, Group Lead Volunteers will lead the Group Leadership Team. The Lead Volunteers and Section Team Leaders (for example, Squirrels Team Leader, Beavers Team Leader, Cubs Team Leader) will form the Group Leadership Team.There can also be Leadership Team Members, or sub-teams to support with particular tasks such as hall maintenance, fundraising, or looking after the waiting lists. Those currently Deputy Group Scout Leaders will become a Group Leadership Team Member, there isn’t a Deputy role as part of the team based approach.This makes it easier for tasks to be shared amongst a wider group of people, rather than it all resting with the Group Scout Leader.


We’ll continue to have helpers who provide informal support to help deliver Scouts, in line with our current POR. Now might be a great time to encourage some of these helpers to join our teams.

Click here for more information about changes about how we volunteer together at Groups, District and County.