The BST (Blood, Sweat and Tears) Adventure is our County Hiking Competition for Scouts and Explorers. This year the event celebrated it’s 20th anniversary originating back in 2002 as an event for Scouts in Wigan District. The competition takes place annually at Rivington with teams setting out to find mandatory and option checkpoints. This year we tweaked the timing of the event to ensure the competition works towards the Hikes Away Staged Activity Badges.

The weather was kind with mild, dry weather and everyone had a great time. Here’s the top scorers for each category….

1. 1st Timperley
2. 2nd Irlam A
3. 3rd Hindley

1. 3rd Hindley ESU
2. Lonsdale ESU
3. Oxylus ESU

We also present two ‘Team Spirit’ awards to teams who didn’t win for their section but worked hard and cooperated as a team, remained positive throughout and came back with big smiles on their faces! These awards went to 27th Wigan B (Scouts) and Lonsdale ESU (Explorers).

This event relies on lots of volunteers to run registration, marshal checkpoints and be part of the sweeper team, a huge thank you to everyone involved!