On Saturday 10th July 2021, 10 teams of Scouts took part in our first County event since February 2020. This years event wasn’t residential and the focus of the camp element was set up and layout.

Despite the ever changing weather including beaming sun and torrential rain, no spirits were dampened!

For the Backwoods Cooking, teams we’re given a selection of vegetables, a fresh mackerel, banana and chocolate.

Our focus for this years competition was not so much the finished product, but the creativity and teamwork. It had been almost 2 years since most Scouts will have camped and we were really impressed by the skills demonstrated in both elements of the completion.

Camping Competition
🥇 1st – 3rd Timperley
🥈 2nd – 5th Urmston
🥉 3rd – 1st Ashton (Wolves)

Backwoods Cooking
🥇 1st – 5th Urmston
🥈 2nd – 43rd Salford
🥉 3rd – 17th Sale (A)