Malawi 2018


“Making A Difference”

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  • To continue with giving the complete international experience
  • To continue 4 year GMW international project plan
  • To build a strong international link with Malawi
  • Empower others to gain international experiences


About Malawi:

  • Small landlocked country Southeast Africa
  • Official language is English
  • Was part of the commonwealth until 1964 and still a British Protectorate
  • Politically stable country
  • Economically stable, though very poor.

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About the project:

  • 3 weeks In Country with a 10 day community project
  • GMW working in partnership with Kasupe
  • In Country contact who is based in the UK, Davy Chilakalaka
  • Davy is the cofounder of the UK based charity Kasupe (charity no: 1134731)
  • Project ideas; health centre (from digging the foundations to doing the finishing touches depending on where Kasupe are at with it), refurb of class rooms, Raspberry Pi computers.
  • Goals to Excel sister charity of Kasupe which looks to provide education to the local young people e.g. football, reading


Time Frames:

  • Participants promotion October 2016
  • Applications by 28th October 2016
  • Selection weekend 12-13th November 2016
  • Minimum 5 Team Building weekend – first aid etc.
  • Nov 2016 – July 2018 Team building events, fundraising, training.
  • July/August 2018 Event takes place. This may move by a day or two to ensure best value on flights
  • October 2018 Final Presentation

The event is pegged at £3000 and all information will state this clearly. The hope is to bring in under budget but allows for a contingency.

Davy Chilakalaka has a great passion for this project and the area it is based in and it is quite apparent that this has already rubbed off on James and Amy and will no doubt add that extra bit that was perhaps missing in Project Peru as there had been no prior relationship with the village from the UK.

Further to this following Davy attending the selection weekend all the leaders now have that similar enthusiasm.

There should also be more emphasis on building the leadership team as apart from participant training weekends and meetings there had only been the one leadership weekend very early on. The project being 10 days and in Africa ticks a lot of the funding boxes that Peru, even though it was a worthy cause, missed out on. This was found out a little too late into the project and a lesson learnt.

There is always a but and we must be careful not to get carried away with Davy’s passion as that could result in a poor end result to the projects.

The projects need clear definition of what is expected from GMW Scouts, financial support in the way of materials etc. is fine but should not be cash to pay ongoing costs and this should be made clear from the offset. The financial costs to leaders and participants needs to be clear and not smudged with the “possibility” of fundraising reducing that cost, this caused a number of problems last time with misunderstandings of what was the true cost.

Further investigation of health risks (malaria etc.) and what can be done in emergencies, also an eye on political stability in the region. This will be covered in the risk assessments, event incident plan but would be good early information for prospective applicants, parents/guardians or at presentations when asked the question and it will be. Bearing in mind that we can only advise of inoculations/jabs we cannot insist.

If there is anything you think needs to be answered or hasn’t been covered then let me know.