Corporate Patrons Scheme

GMW working with businesses in the community… 

Scouting is at the heart of the community. The extent to which a Scout Group reaches into religious communities, schools and local communities is evidenced in the long associations with organisations who share meeting places, equipment, volunteers and a large helping of goodwill.
Now businesses in the local community have started to get involved, supporting The Scout Association at a County, District and Group level. Financial support helps to ensure that the adventurous activities which Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers enjoy can be offered to all, as well as support investment in scout huts and equipment. Patrons can also help with donations of resources, volunteers to help on GMW’s campsites or with a refurbishment of a scout hut. Patrons can provide pallets for campfires, printing services, t-shirts and even toilets to support the county in it’s provision of adventure to young people aged 6-25.
Scouts will always do bucket collections, car washes and supermarket bag packing to raise funds for their Troop but GMW’s Corporate Patrons Scheme brings much needed support for expenditure not covered by the individual subscriptions and supports important ties between businesses and young people which continue to deliver opportunities for all. Here are some of the ways you will be helping if you decide to get involved with our Corporate Patrons Scheme.
Here are some of the ways you can benefit from becoming a Bronze, Silver or Gold Patron:
If you own a business within Greater Manchester West, why not get in touch with our Deputy County Commissioner (Development) who can put you in touch with one of our existing Patrons to allow you to ask them what the scheme means to them. Patrons have the opportunity to get together with like-minded business people at out Networking Breakfast and for the first time this year we hope to hold a Patrons Ball to celebrate the relationships and the opportunities the Corporate Patrons Scheme has provided. Below are the different levels at which you can get involved and what we can do for you in return.


And if you’d like to help but the Corporate Patrons Scheme isn’t what you’re looking for, why not work with one of our Groups on a project like the 2nd Urmston Track Car. You could also take a look at the discounts other local business are providing for young people who take part in scouting in Greater Manchester West through our One Good Turn initiative.
Danièle Wiseman
Deputy County Commissioner (Development)
Greater Manchester West
t: 07756798605 e: