On Saturday 18th September 2021, 88 young people took part in the Greater Manchester West Hiking Competition for Scouts and Explorers – the BST Adventure. The activity taker places at Rivington in the grasslands surrounding Rivington Pike and Winter Hill. Teams have 4 hours to check-in at all the mandatory checkpoints and visit some of the optional checkpoints to receive extra points.

The weather was good and for those lucky enough to be on the right side of the hill, there we a Red Arrows fly past half way through the event.

We had a range of abilities and experience from those who have entered for many years to those that are new to scouting. They all did very very well and should be proud of their gained experience and knowledge in hill walking, navigation and team work.

Scout Winners
🥇1st Timperley A – 170pts
🥈1st Ashton B – 120pts
🥉1st Timperley C – 94pts

Explorer Winners
🥇1st Timperley Explorers- 225pts
🥈MacAlpine ESU – 190pts
🥉Pegasus ESU – 180pts

Scout Team Spirit Award

1st Timperley B – This has been awarded by the marshalls as this team gave first aid assistance to a member of the public and direct another group of public out of private land and back on to the correct path.

Explorer Team Spirit Award

Pegasus ESU – This has been awarded by the marshalls as this team was entering for the first time. They had a range of abilities which included some very new to scouting.