Dear Member,

Following the announcement last week that Greater Manchester West will move to the AMBER readiness level for all metros, there has been some concern that the decision is not reflective of the UK Scouts website. The UK Scouts website will be updated in due course to reflect our current readiness level.

However, UK Scouts in consultation with the NYA and Regional Team have added an additional restriction for Greater Manchester counties with immediate effect. This additional restriction that face-to-face activities with young people should take place OUTDOORS ONLY.

Please can you ensure that your risk assessments reflect any changes to the readiness level and are approved by your District Commissioner before face-to-face Scouting activities recommence.

To be clear, these are the updates guidelines:

Meeting Place: OUTDOORS ONLY

Maximum Group Size:
– Activities involving young people: 15 young people and 5 leaders

Face Coverings:
– Adults must wear face coverings unless they are leading an activity.
– Scouts and Explorers should also wear activities when indoors, including when using toilet facilities.

Over the coming weeks, these measures will inevitably change and we will continue to keep you updated. In the meantime, thank you for all that your efforts to allow Scouting to continue in Greater Manchester West.

Please continue to check guidance from HQ and the coronavirus information hub on our website,

Kind Regards,

Andy Farrell
County Commissioner