Dear Member,

I am writing to update you on the readiness level for our three metros following the changes to the government guidance and subsequent updates from The Scouts and the National Youth Agency.

Following discussions with the government, the National Youth Agency has confirmed that youth work is essential and exempt from latest government restrictions. Therefore following consultation with the Regional Team and UK Scouts, all metros in Greater Manchester West will move to AMBER effective immediately.

The current readiness levels in Greater Manchester West:

Please ensure you review your risk assessments to reflect the latest AMBER readiness level guidance announced by the UK Scouts on 3rd September and submit to your District Commissioner for approval prior to starting back. You should be aware of the higher risk groups that may access Scouting locally, both volunteers and young people and this should be reflected in your risk assessment.

From today, if you have your own venue, you now need to provide a printed QR code to enable those who are 16 and over to use the NHS Test and Trace app, you can generate a unique code for your venue here. This does not replace our guidance on keeping records of attendance as many of our young people are under 16 and not be eligible to use the app.

I would like to reiterate from previous calls and communications that there is absolutely no rush to return if you or your team are not comfortable.  If you are not ready to return, you should work with your GSL and DC to explore options of returning to face-to-face Scouting in the safest way for both volunteers and young people.

Please continue to check guidance from HQ and the coronavirus information hub on our website,

Full guidance from UK Scouts on ‘getting everyone back together safely’ can be found by clicking here.

Thank-you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,

Andy Farrell
County Commissioner