Dear Member,

We are continuing discussions with UK Scouts, National Youth Agency (NYA) and Public Health England (PHE) regarding the possibility of moving back to Amber readiness level in the next couple of weeks.

You may have noticed that NYA website states that England now shows as Amber level, whilst the UK Scouts website shows the readiness level for Greater Manchester as RED, therefore it is completely understandable that this conflicting information can be confusing and misleading.

For clarity, NYA provide advice and guidance, however, it is UK Scouts that make the final decision regarding readiness level, in conjunction with each County Commissioner of the affected areas.

It has therefore been agreed between all of the commissioners leading any area within Greater Manchester, that we remain as RED and will review the readiness level following the government review of the local restrictions on 12th August. We will inform all our members by email and on our social media channels, after this date, to clarify if we will be changing the Greater Manchester West Readiness Level from RED.

This means no face to face Scouting until further notice in Greater Manchester West.

We will continue to keep you updated as our position changes.

Kind Regards,

Andy Farrell
County Commissioner

Our CURRENT Greater Manchester West Readiness Level is