Dear Member,

You will probably be aware of the local lockdown restrictions the government have announced for Greater Manchester effective today. Following consultation with the National Youth Agency (NYA) and UK Scouts, we have taken the decision to move back to RED readiness level.

What does this mean?
All face-to-face Scouting in Greater Manchester West is suspended until further notice and only virtual Scouting (online activities) can take place.

Should we continue to work on and submit risk assessments?
Yes – please continue to work on preparing for the return to face-to-face Scouting and have risk assessments ready to review and submit for approval when we move to the AMBER or even YELLOW readiness level.

When is the readiness level expected to change from RED?
We are following government guidance closely and a joint decision will be made with the NYA and UK Scouts to change the readiness level in Greater Manchester West.

Do I still need to ensure my Safety and Safeguarding training is up-to-date on Compass before having virtual Scouting meetings with young people?
Yes – all leaders should ensure that their mandatory ongoing learning for Safety and Safeguarding is up-to-date on Compass before having any Scouting meetings with young people. The same rule applies for both virtual Scouting whilst the readiness level is RED and when we are allowed to meet face-to-face again.

Please use our Facebook forum to share ideas and best practice for Scouting at Home (online activities) and we will continue to share resources from other organisations on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

We will update you in due course with any change to the readiness level. We will continue to publish the latest information on the Coronavirus Information Hub on our website.

Kind Regards,

Andy Farrell
County Commissioner