Important Information


Good Evening,

You will have received communications from the UK Chief Commissioner, Tim Kidd around the topic of Safety. The message he delivered was that ‘the safety of young people is our number one priority, and I know we all take this responsibility very seriously’. 

Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do in Scouting and our responsibilities are highlighted in the Safety Policy in Chapter 2 of our Policy, Organisation and Rules. It should become a natural way of thinking, rather than an ‘add-on’ to our planning.

What can you do?

  • Ensure your mandatory training (safeguarding, safety and first aid) is up-to-date. If you are unsure check Compass or speak with your Group Scout Leader or Local Training Manager. It is important that training records are updated on Compass promptly and correctly following any mandatory training.
  • Ensure you are completing Risk Assessments for all scouting activities and following the rules outlined in POR. Ensure you are informing your District Commissioner and Group Scout Leader if you are taking part in any activities away from your normal meeting place, not just for nights away. It is good practice to share risk assessments carried out for activities away from your normal meeting place and nights away with your District Commissioner and Group Scout Leader.

For more information about Safety, please visit, If you have any concerns about Safety at your group or within your district, please contact your District Commissioner. If any person is in immediate danger, please contact the Emergency Services by dialling 999.

Thank-you for everything you are doing for Scouting in Greater Manchester West and ensuring that we can all continue to enjoy activities safely.

Kind Regards,

Andy Farrell
County Commissioner

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