On Saturday 21st September, the sun was shining for the Scouts and Explorers from across the County that took part in the BST Adventure at Rivington. The ‘BST Adventure’ is a points based competition which will test strong teams strengths through navigation, route choice and time management while less experienced teams will have the comfort of completing a much easier mandatory route and learning new skills.

Well done to all of the Young People for your efforts and thank-you to all the Volunteers who made the event possible!

The scores were as follows:

1st Timperley Tryfan A – 225
1st Ashton A – 115
1st Standish – 105
27th Wigan 2 – 90
27th Wigan 3 – 88
1st Timperley Tryfan B – 85
Firswood Wolves – 80
1st Ashton B – 70
20th Wigan – 61
15th Wigan – 60
Firswood Foxes – 58
16th Wigan – 16
27th Wigan 1
Firswood Buffalos

3rd Hindley Explorers – 225
Snowdon ESU – 180
Wigan Brew Crew – 150
1st Ashton Explorers – 135

The ‘TEAM SPIRIT AWARD’ went to 27th Wigan 3 for carrying on no matter the obstacle in their way!