We announced at The Buzz Live in January the exciting news that we will be rolling out OSM Gold+ to every group across the County.

Not only is this a significant investment in our members, it’s an opportunity to improve communications between the county and groups, sections and parents plus lots more benefits including collating census data and top awards.

We are in final stages of negotiating with OSM, mainly around data ownership and whilst we do that, we are asking groups to undertake a housekeeping exercise to their records up to date.

We will be ready to go live with OSM in September. If you are an existing OSM user, you will be provided with a code to cover the payment on your account. If you are new to OSM, we will be running a series of workshops and demos so that everyone gets the most out of the system.

If you have any questions, please contact OSM@nullgmwscouts.org.uk