The Great Northern Dive Show at LCCC

Greater Manchester West supported The Great Northern Dive Show for the second year this February at the kind invitation of Ruth Mort, of H2O Divers. Ruth was instrumental in establishing the Corporate Patrons Scheme with her business contacts and attracted diving instructors and associated services, charities and travel companies to the event.


The Greater Manchester West Jamboree unit attended with a climbing wall to raise money for the 24th World Jamboree in North America. In addition Ruth invited Deputy County Commissioner (Development), Daniele Wiseman to speak for a 5 minute slot at the beginning of each day. Daniele chose to take the words from Messing about on the River and adapt them to the theme of her presentation, recruiting Patrons for Greater Manchester West, involving businesses in the sponsorship and growth of scouting in the county. And simply for the novelty value, Daniele invited husband, John to support, playing Messing about on the River on his E Flat Bass, and he and daughter, Eloise then supported the Jamboree collection playing some well known tunes including the Star Wars theme, an impromptu performance as the Sentinel team (Darth Vadar and the Stormtroopers in the flesh) marched by!



The video of the Messing about on the River performance is here.

The slide show of images of young people enjoying themselves across the county which was shown on the big screen at the GNDS is here.

The lyrics are below.