Active Support

downloadScout Active Support is a way for adults to volunteer some time to Scouting in a flexible way that suits them. The ways that Scout Active Support can support Scouting are endless; below are a few examples.

Example 1: People who were Leaders but have had to take a step back due to family or work commitments, can now Actively Support Scouting. Helping the Disticts and County without having to commit to a weekly meeting. All we ask is that you give your best; If that means 3 times a year that is fine. We value any time that you can spare!

Example 2: A new Beaver Scout Colony has just opened.  Members of a District Scout Active Support Unit who have experience in running a Beaver Scout Colony could support the new leadership team for the first term.

Example 3: A Cub Scout Pack is doing the local knowledge activity badge.  A member of the Group Scout Active Support Unit could attend meetings for 2 weeks to share their knowledge of the local area with the Cub Scouts.