Queen’s Scout Award

The Queen’s Scout Award (QSA) is the top award for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members and comprises of a variety of activities to complete. The QSA is linked closely to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award and it is worth working on the two awards together.

Award participants must:

  • Be aged 16 or older to start the award and complete the award before your 25th birthday.
  • Be a member of either Explorer Scouts or Scout Network (or a combination of both) for at least 18 months to complete the award.
  • Be a member of Explorer Scouts or Scout Network at the time you complete the award. This means members can only start working towards and count activities undertaken in achieving the QSA from their 16th Birthday. Activities and nights away completed in achievement of the Chief Scout Platinum and Diamond Awards can be counted towards the QSA.
  • If aged 18 years or older, you must be registered as a Network member on Compass. For more information contact your District Commissioner or District Scout Network Commissioner.

Start your journey to achieve the Queen’s Scout Award:

1. Read the award requirements and support material provided by HQ.


2. Register – Complete registration form (add link to form include name, unit, district, email address, telephone number, age at registration).


3. Upon registration you will receive acknowledgement containing the QSA Log Book and Completion Form for you to start your journey.

4. For more information, support or to notify us you have completed your award please contact the County QSA Coordinator by emailing