24th World Scout Jamboree: North America 2019

World Scout Jamboree 2019

Beyond Borders, Beyond Limits,

Beyond Expectations


The 24th World Scout Jamboree will held in West Virginia, USA, and will be an adventure beyond anything you can imagine. It is to be hosted jointly between Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Canada and the Scout Association of Mexico.

The UK Contingent will be made up of participants, their Unit Leaders, International Service Team and a Contingent Management and Support Team (UK Contingent Team).

Participants must be born between 22 July 2001 and 21 July 2005. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

When and where?

The Jamboree will take place on 22nd July – 2nd August 2019 at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia, USA.

Our Vision

The UK Contingent Management Team will deliver a unique international adventure shaped by young people, where contingent members will develop personally and have a positive longer term impact on Scouting and beyond.

We have made a commitment to ensure that we not only deliver a fantastic international adventure for our Contingent but that we will also champion youth engagement ensuring that we provide young people with opportunities to shape the Jamboree experience. Not only this, we want to ensure that we are providing development and training opportunities for every member of the Contingent so that they are able to recognise that they have gained new skills and confidence through being a member of the Contingent. Lastly, we want to ensure that the Jamboree reaches beyond those that travel with us. We want our work on youth engagement and personal development to filter back in to local Scouting for the wider movement to benefit from in the years to come. We hope you will help us embrace this challenge!

Selection of Participants

Each young person in Scouting only has one opportunity to be selected as a youth participant for a World Scout Jamboree. For a participant to be eligible they must have been born between 22nd July 2001 and 21st July 2005.

Attendance at selection is not be limited to those who have achieved top awards or who have taken part in Unit/Troop Forums. Selection event for the Jamboree is open to all young people who are active in Scouting and meet the age criteria.

The selection of young people will consider the potential of young people to grow and develop over the Jamboree period. The assessment of an individual’s potential can be challenging, takes time and has to consider aptitude as well as existing skills.

The benefits to your local Scouting area will be evident on your return from the Jamboree and so be prepared to give back to your groups, units and districts. The UK Contingent team have made the personal development of every member of the Contingent (Unit Leadership Teams, young people and International Service Team) a key part of their vision.

The profile of the Unit will need a good mix of experience and potential, this will be achieved by selecting participants with a range of ages, time involved in Scouting and from a diverse range of backgrounds.


The Scout Association is committed to being inclusive of all young people, regardless of ability or disability and has a clear Equal Opportunities Policy. All Members of the Movement practice that equality when conducting selections, especially in promoting access for all young people. The Scout Association opposes all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

Selection Events

The selection event will be open, fair and accessible. Selection will focus on the skills and behaviours discussed below and assess the wide range of aptitudes. Application forms alone will not be given excessive weighting as to whether a young person should attend.

The selection event gives the young people opportunities to work together, demonstrate the values of Scouting, take part in new and challenging activities and have fun.

The selection event does not rely on interviews alone as these are unlikely to fully assess the abilities of all young people. Observation of young people interacting with adults and other young people in a series of tasks is a much more effective way of undertaking selection.

Desirable Skills and Behaviours

Selection for the Jamboree will take into account the shape of the Unit and how it will develop over the Jamboree journey. Participants should actively demonstrate the values of Scouting – care, co-operation, respect, integrity and belief.

The following will be observed whilst selecting participants:

  • Skills Behaviour
  • Ability to work with others and form friendships Cooperation
  • Commitment to include others, listen and value others Respect
  • Demonstrate the importance of being honest, trustworthy and loyal Integrity
  • Help other people / look after surroundings Care
  • Express their views and take time to hear others Communication
  • Willing to take responsibility (for themselves, possessions and tasks) and make
  • choices Responsibility
  • Demonstrate willingness to participate, learn by doing and have fun Participation
  • Skills Behaviour
  • Commitment to the Jamboree experience, including training events Participation
  • Open and willing to explore faiths, beliefs and attitudes, including those that are different then their own Belief

The Jamboree is a great opportunity to meet and build friendships with Scouts and Guides from all over the world. An interest in World Scouting and global issues would be beneficial, alongside cultural awareness.

Remember the Unit will have a year and a half to prepare for all that the Jamboree has to offer. Unit training will prepare participants for 3 weeks away from home, significant travel, different time zones, climate, physical and emotional stress, a minimum of 12 days camping, a post event and a HoHo element.

All applications should be sent to wsj2019@nullgmwscouts.org.uk by 8.00pm on the 28th October 2018.

Please find the application form link below:

WSJ2019-Participant (20)

Late, hand written applications or not sent electronically will not be accepted.


Andy Farrell                                                 Jeff Picton

County Commissioner                               ACC (International)