Remembrance Sunday

This morning many young people and volunteers from across our County took part in Remembrance parades, services and other events to pay their respects to those who have died or been effected by conflict since the outbreak of the First World War in…
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New DC for Lowry District

On 9th October 2019, our County Appointments Committee approved the appointment of Ryan Swailes as the new District Commissioner for Lowry District with immediate effect. Ryan previously held the role as Deputy District Commissioner and prior to that, Youth Commissioner, in addition…
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Hollinwood Bonfire

Our newest campsite, Hollinwood followed in the footsteps of the predecessor site on Saturday 2nd November by hosting Scouts and their families for a bonfire and fireworks, it was a great turnout. Hopefully the first of many events at Hollinwood!

PL Training Day

The PL Training Day is for older scouts and those who hold the PL and APL roles within their troop. The day aims to enhance leadership abilities and develop additional Skills for Life. Well done to all the 38 SPL’s, PL’s…
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