BST Adventure

On Saturday 21st September, the sun was shining for the Scouts and Explorers from across the County that took part in the BST Adventure at Rivington. The ‘BST Adventure’ is a points based competition which will test strong teams strengths through navigation, route choice and time management while less experienced teams will have the comfort of completing a much easier mandatory route and learning new skills.

Well done to all of the Young People for your efforts and thank-you to all the Volunteers who made the event possible!

The scores were as follows:

1st Timperley Tryfan A – 225
1st Ashton A – 115
1st Standish – 105
27th Wigan 2 – 90
27th Wigan 3 – 88
1st Timperley Tryfan B – 85
Firswood Wolves – 80
1st Ashton B – 70
20th Wigan – 61
15th Wigan – 60
Firswood Foxes – 58
16th Wigan – 16
27th Wigan 1
Firswood Buffalos

3rd Hindley Explorers – 225
Snowdon ESU – 180
Wigan Brew Crew – 150
1st Ashton Explorers – 135

The ‘TEAM SPIRIT AWARD’ went to 27th Wigan 3 for carrying on no matter the obstacle in their way!