Role : Campsite Project Manager Hollinwood Scout Camp

The opportunity is now here to become the Campsite Project Manager for Hollinwood Scout Campsite, Please find below the background and outline for the role:

Below is also the Full Role Description and the Application form.

Background: The development of Hollinwood Scout Camp will be an organic one however, in order for the site to open, there needs to be a clear project plan in place. This is so that Hollinwood can create a sustainable future for Greater Manchester West.

Outline: The role of the Campsite Project Manager is to assist the Campsite Manager in the appointment and management of a team of adults to that will support the development and maintenance of the Hollinwood Scout Camp facility and grounds.

HW Camp Project Manager


If you’re unsure, but think you might have the skills, please
contact either Andy Farrell by email at or by phone on
07810 888 617 or Andy Connellan by email at