Cub County Cooking Competition


This took place on Saturday 2nd March at 1st Ashton (Wigan District) and although we only had four teams enter – one of whom made the start time by the skin of their teeth!  It proved to be a terrific afternoon.

The teams that entered were from Altrincham, Lilford, Salford and Stretford.Snaggle (Cook)

The competition was very close with only a very few points in it – the Judging being undertaken by Womble (DCC Programme), Karen (ACC Cubs) and Alan Roberts (ADC Cubs – Stretford).  The eventual winners were Altrincham with Lilford in second place, Stretford third and Salford in fourth place.

Well done to all the Cubs who took part, and the Leaders who were there to support them.  We are already looking forward to repeating this event next year!