Lilford Beavers sleep with the fishes

115 Beaver Scouts and leaders spent a fantastic night “sleeping next to the sharks” at The Deep in Hull. It was a great evening and groups from all over Lilford district attended. In addition to being given an excellent tour with a patient, tolerant and very informative guide there were sessions on handling a sea urchin and starfish. The Beavers also were given the chance to post a postcard home to their parents and they designed some fantastic T shirts which they took home.

After having supper everyone settled down for the night by the tanks, around 11.00 p.m. Obviously there was a scramble to see who could get closest to the tank but generally the behavior was as good as you can expect for a one night sleepover?!

One of the best sights was to see the Beavers all sound asleep on one side of the tank and on the other side was a large shark also flaked out!

Breakfast was at 7.00 a.m. in the morning and frosties, juice and tea set everybody up for the coach home and everybody went home with a Deep goody bag.

Well done to the designated leaders who volunteered for the night shift and totally going without sleep.