Lilford Beavers’ International Trip

In GMW we are immensely PROUD of our ambitious leaders and especially those from 5th Tyldesley Beaver Colony in Lilford who took their Beavers on a night’s away experience ‘across the pond’ in Ireland!!

Since the start of the year, they have been taking part in ‘Our Sporting Adventure’ and, inspired by the ideas and activities, they decided to make contact with another Beaver colony over in Dublin to fulfil the international activity ‘gold’ activity. Once there, they were able to complete the remaining activities in the booklet consisting of a beach trip and a Viking duck boat tour!  It is thought this will place them in the ‘Top 10’ in the country!

They left on Saturday 8th September and we cannot wait to hear all about it and see the photos! Good luck with finishing all the Sporting Adventure activities!!