2012 Camping and Backwoods competitions

The 2012 GMW Camping and Backwoods Scout and Explorer
competitions were held on what the weather forecasters was
forecasting to be a very wet and windy weekend at Bispham Hall on
the 22nd to 24th June. So much so that with the amount of rain on
the friday two teams decided to pull out (who can blame them with
the forecast). In the event the forecasters did get it wrong and 5
hardy teams from 1st Abram, 2nd Davyhulme, 88th Salford and 100th
Salford Scout troops and the 1st Flixton Explorer Unit participated
in the competitions. They all more than survived the conditions,
with an excellent standard of camping and cooking. Lots of gadgets
and flagpoles were made and the food was also good. Who has bison
steak on camp? Well 1st Flixton do. It wasn’t all work with some
play as well. We had a really good campfire with the GMW Nights
Away course attendees and Guides joining in. Also I can recommend
the game of Quidditch that 2nd Davyhulme organised with balls
flying about all over the place. A mentioned must go to the two
Salford teams who a had a night of no sleep on the Saturday night
(they went to see the Olympic torch after a “A night in the
Museum”) and still managed to perform well on the Sunday. Well done
to the 2nd Davyhulme the winners of the camping competition, to the
joint winners, 88th Salford and 2nd Davyhulme, of the Backwoods
competition and to the 1st Flixton for getting both the Explorer
Trophies. Also well done to 1st Abram who were 1st time
The results
Scout Camping Competition – First – 2nd Davyhulme – 755 points,
Second – 88th Salford – 671 points, Third – 100th Salford – 660
points, Forth – 1st Abram – 574 points.
Scout Backwoods Competition – Joint First – 2nd Davyhulme and 88th
Salford – 171 points, Second – 1st Abram – 165 points, Third –
100th Salford – 154 points.
Explorer Camping Competition – 1st Flixton – 738 points, Backwoods
competition – 1st Flixton – 164 points.