Sale District Beaver Hike

On Saturday 5th May 2012 Sale District Beaver Scouts
took up the challenge to hike from Sale Waterpark to Chorlton
Waterpark. A round trip of 3.9 miles which took a total of 2 hours
and 30 minutes to complete.


We all met at the Visitors centre at Sale Waterpark where the
true size of this hike was realised. This was the first time Sale
had done this sort of activity and no one was ready for what was to
come. Because of the amount of Beavers we had attending we agreed
as a district to run at a 1:2 ratio MAX 1:3.

Sale Hike2

Once everyone had arrived we split the colonies up to get them
walking with new people and try and get a bit of good old District
camaraderie to happen. Walking in pairs down the River Mersey the
Beavers were given a challenge; to try and spot something that
began with every letter of the alphabet. Some of the answers we
received were fantastic and truly shows the imagination of a Beaver
Scouts mind. The letter X which I was struggling to find one myself
was answered by many as X-men. Now I am not sure if someone had an
X-men backpack on or a t-shirt, sneaky sneaky.


On the way to Chorlton Waterpark I spent my time running up and
down the line checking on people’s answers to the quiz, telling
people to keep left to allow for other pedestrians and cyclists and
taking lots of photos of the hike party while Joan Clark (ADC
Beavers) lead the party to its destination. The other leaders from
in the district meandered in between the party helping keep the
pace and keeping people to one side of the path.


Sale Hike


We arrived at Chorlton Waterpark ahead of schedule so a decision
was made to take a party photo in front of the Waterpark sign. We
continued counter clockwise around the Waterpark until we got to
our lunch spot on the hill in front of the Visitors centre. We
stopped here for 45 minutes where lunch was eaten and the beavers
(and adults) were treated to an Ice cream (I am sure that the Ice
cream man was very happy with the 70-odd people who queued up).


Once we were fed, watered and sugared up we set off again on our
return journey continuing our trip around Chorlton waterpark until
we re-joined the River Mersey again. This time we were hit with
more oncoming traffic in the form of runners, cyclists and other
walkers. Keeping 70+ people to the left of the foot path is no easy
task but between the leaders we managed to do it.


We promptly arrived at our original starting point at 2:00pm
exactly when we had told the parents we would be.


After a quick debrief with the Beavers and parents the party was
dismissed and the party went home. The Beavers and parents all
enjoyed themselves and some have even asked to do it again next
year (maybe an annual district event in the making).

Sale Hike3

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Joan
Clack (ADC Beavers) and the leaders of 2nd Brooklands,
7th Sale, 17th Sale Hercules & Aquila and
Sale Central Woodbourne Road colonies for bringing the Beavers and
showing so much enthusiasm with the event, the beavers themselves
for walking that far and joining in with the activity. They all
deserve a big BRAVO, but also thank you to the parent helpers who
came along to help us get this event underway.


It’s always nice to see an event of this size work so well and I
am glad that my first (and definitely not the last) district event
has enriched and enthused so many.


Anthony Reynolds
BSL 7th Sale Scout Group (Sale District)