County Snakes and Ladders Competition

On Saturday 24th March, four Districts from across Greater
Manchester West came together to compete in several games of Snakes
and Ladders.

This was a great opportunity for the Beavers to live out their
motto of ‘Fun and Friends’. As you can see from the photos – the
Beavers were certainly enjoying themselves and mixing with Beavers
from all the districts represented.

Despite being one of the hottest days yet this year, the Beavers
threw themselves into playing competitively and one table won the
first 5 rounds of games! After that, other tables began to be
faster when rolling and passing the dice – and the noise levels
increased as well!!

Indeed, towards the final game, Ashdon in particular was
particualrly eager to win and I’ve never seen the dice being passed
around the table to quickly in his endeavours to reach the final
square! Shouts of glee when Beavers went up ladders or slid down
the dreaded snakes could be heard as Leaders tried to ensure they
were moving the right way along the lines!


After playing 10 games, the scores were totted up and the three
highest scoring Beavers were: in third place Edward from Swinton
& Pendlebury with 63 points, in second place James from
Altrincham with 66 points and in first place with a very impressive
74 points was William, also from Altrincham district.

There was also a ‘Snakes and Ladders’ trophy to be awarded to
the winning district. Due to their Beavers scoring so highly, the
trophy was given to Altrincham so Congratulations!! Well done to
Swinton & Pendlebury who missed out by only 8 points, as well
as Stretford and Lilford districts.



Thanks for coming and enjoying yourselves and I’m already
looking forward to our next County Competition – Dominoes!