Beaver Banner Competition Winners

During our 25th Birthday year, GMW held a special banner
competition. Each colony needed to design and create their own
banner and then send it off on it’s travels with the Beavers and
Leaders to see how far it could travel during 2011!

The colony’s needed to record their travels in a record book and
it was fantastic to read about all the amazing places which the
banners had reached. I think nearly every continent was reached,
with banners travelling as far and wide as Australia and New
Zealand, China and Japan, as well as Argentina and Florida. There
were many trips across the UK and Europe as well.

Whilst the competition was for the furthest travelled banner,
only 4 banners counted up their miles! The winners were 2nd
Brooklands, Sale District, which had travelled 104, 984 miles in
total. Well done!! Congratulations to the other three colony’s who
also totted up your miles: 3rd Hindley, 5th Urmston (Aspen) and 1st


Due to there being so many wonderfully decorated banners (and as
so few had actually calculated their miles!) we felt that we needed
to award a second prize, to recognise all the effort that was put
into the design of the banners, so it was decided that we would
also award a prize for the best designed banner. One stood out as
it was the brightest and had incorporated the Beaver badges into
it’s balloon design. This banner belonged to 17th Sale (Hercules)
so Well Done!!



As every colony had put in so much effort and time, each will
also be recieving a special certificate so well done to everyone
for taking part!