Beavers visit to CBeebies!

On a warm Friday afternoon during the summer holidays 20 VERY
excited Beavers from 3rd Ashton on Mersey Beaver Colony met at Park
Road Primary School in Sale, after a short delay due to the coach
going to the wrong school (!) we eagerly climbed on board and took
our seats. We were off on very exciting adventure to the new Media
City in Salford to take part in one of the first Cbeebies shows to
be filmed in their new studios called “Justin’s House” featuring
the one and only Justin of Mr Tumbles fame!
During the show we would have to help sing the theme tune
which we had on CD and played all the way to Media City much to the
amusement of our very understanding coach driver who was more than
grateful to turn it off on our arrival.
We pulled up outside a very futuristic looking modern glass
building at Media City and made our way to the entrance where we
had to sign in and collect our limited edition “Justin’s House”
wristband which would gain us access into the studios.
After several trips for a last check at the toilets the
production assistants began lining everyone up ready to go
through.The excitement and noise level increased somewhat as we
were shown into the studio and the children ‘oooed’ and ‘arrghed’
in amazement at their first look at the set of “Justin’s
There was a brief talk from the floor manager about not
looking straight at the camera and the children were introduced to
Justin’s friends Robert the Robot (who likes cake), little monster
and Dee Livery. The children all joined in with singing the theme
song which we had learnt so enthusiastically and joined in with
Justin and his friends whilst they baked a cake (I’m sure you can
imagine how messy it got!) and welcomed his Auntie Justina on a
We had an amazing day and the Beavers are still talking about
it, one Beavers summed it up “that was the funniest most exciting
day I have ever had”.
Thanks to Carlie for organising it and thanks to Anna at the
The show is being shown on Saturday and Sunday mornings at
11am and 5pm on the Cbeebies channel. The shows we were part of are
being shown on 22nd & 23rd October. If you missed them they can
be downloaded on BBC Iplayer!