2011 Hiking Competition

The 2011 GMW Hiking Competition was based around the Bowley
Scout Campsite being held on the 15th October. Again this was a
combined event with 5 scout teams and 3 explorer teams. The teams
were lucky enough to have bright sunshine with most completing the
10 mile hike with a few deviations for some. At the presentation 4
scouts from 1st Ashton were presented with their Chief Scouts Gold
Award. The results can be downloaded from here with the final positions
being as follows:

Scouts – 1st – 1st West Timperley A (602 pts), 2nd – 1st Ashton
B (519 pts), 3rd – 1st West Timperley B (517 pts), 4th – Hale Barns
(488 pts), 5th – 1st Ashton A (487 pts)

Explorers – 1st – 3rd Hindley (636 pts), 2nd – 2nd Davyhulme
(576 pts), 3rd – Merlin (Ellesmere) (390 pts)

Thanks as usual to Chris and 1st Ashton for the organisation
plus the Marshalls who helped.

Here are the winners of the scout competition.

 Winners Scouts 11

Here are the winners of the explorer competition.

Winners 11 Explorers

Here are the 4 scouts from 1st Ashton with their Chief Scouts
Gold Awards.

Ashton Chief Scouts

Now seeming customary a visit to the Ice Cream van on route. I
can recommend this van based at the Spring Wood Pinic area and the
owner who was extremely scout friendly.

Ice Cream Van

Some explorers on route

Scouts Hiking

Some faces on route.

 Funny Faces