2011 Scout and Explorer Camping and Backwoods Comps

This years county camping and backwoods competitions included a
network patrol (who had a medieval theme) as well as the scout
and explorer patrols. So first here are a few words from the
Network Commissioner.

network desert network chickens

“A huge thank you to the “Enigma” Scout Network Unit, from
Urmston District, for taking part in this year’s County Camping
Competition. This was the first time that the Scout Network has
taken part in this event and hopefully it will continue, way into
the future.

They were a great example to the County and showed teams on site
how it can be done. With their medieval-England themed site, they
wowed us with their costumes, scenery and even a comedy sketch for
the campfire. I believe fun was had by all and hopefully everyone
else saw how well the Unit works together: they helped show the
true spirit of the “Family of Scouting” and helped with the great
atmosphere among participants.

As mentioned by Paul Mullaney, Lilford DC, “It’s great to see
that these young individuals take another day out of their week, as
well as being leaders, to enjoy their own programme and get to use
their skills firsthand.” It is definitely the intention of the
County to encourage this enthusiasm between all young members of
the County and enable them to take advantage of the opportunities
available to them.

Unfortunately, this time they were not competing as they were
the only Unit who could take part. Hopefully, though, in the future
there will be more teams to make the most of this weekend and
improve on this first team’s scores.”

Michael Bracewell Network Commissioner

backwoods desertAs
well as the network team we had 4 explorer teams and 5 scout teams
taking part in the Camping and Backwoods competitions. This was
held on an initially wet weekend which turned in a scorching Sunday
at Giant’s Seat campsite. Although it was wet a good standard was
achieved by the teams which ended with the following positions.

Scout Backwoods competition- Ellesmere – 1st,
88th Salford – 2nd, 2nd Davyhulme
– 3rd, 100th Salford – 4th,
5th Tyldsley.

Scout Camping competition – 2nd Davyhulme
-1st, 88th Salford – 2nd,
100th Salford -3rd, Ellesmere –
4th, 5th Tyldsley – 5th.

Explorer Backwoods Competition – Lowton – 1st, Bent
and Bongs – 2nd, 1st Flixton –
3rd, 15th Wigan – 4th.

Explorer Camping Competition – 1st Flixton –
1st, Lowton – 3rd, Bent and Bongs –
3rd, 15th Wigan – 4th.

Well done to them all. From my point of view it was good to see
3 sections integrating so well. It was also good to see how well
they performed in front of the Farnworth and Radcliffe and
presented themselves at the Scouts own, As usual there was a hectic
“capture the flags” game. The judges beat the network team at a
game of Bowles. Download from
the full scout detailed results and from
for the explorer and network results.

Womble ACC (Scout)

Here are pictures of the winners, starting with the scout
backwoods and camping competitions, then the explorer’s backwoods
and camping competitions. scout backwoods cooking winners  Scout 2011 Camping Comp Winners     explorer backwoods 2011 winners Explorer 2011 Camping Comp Winners