2011 2MAD4 Leaders

The 2011 2MAD4 Leaders was held at Bradley Wood on the
last weekend in March.  This year more activities seemed
to have been crammed in for the leaders to try and survive! But
they did all survived and most can’t wait for next year’s

This years 2MAD4 (2 Multi Activity Days for) leaders encompassed
crate stacking, low ropes, archery, the cresta run together with a
number of team challenges including getting the team off the ground
in case a flood and blind folded team skiing! The plate golf that
was played seemed just as dangerous as the climbing and crate

Again a scouts own was held but this year concentrated
on the world religions. Mark (Tar) Chapman was invested into the
Ember network at this scouts own.  A couple of creative
challenges were included, these being a Swedish jamboree creation
made out of natural materials and the chair making out of
newspapers, only one of which collapsed when sat upon. This year an
ad hoc campfire was included by popular request. Haydn (CC)
attended and talked about the county development plan after which
there started a lively debate on PLs followed by a pass the parcel
with difference. The usual campsite service was carried out.

This year we had four teams being Team Spirit, Ah
Bless, The Three Amigos and Wheeley Good. The last team
did prove themselves to be really good as they came out
winners with only 3 points difference between the other three
teams.  For the full results download from here.

Here is a set of photos of the event care of
and thanks to Andy Pagett. Watch this space for details of next
year’s event.

Here are the winners.

2011 Winners