2011 Shooting Competition

Congratulations to Sam Entwistle of 4th Bowden, and Luke Burgess
of Salford ESU, who achieved the top scores in the Under 14 and the
14 & over age groups respectively for the first GMW County
Shooting Competition held at Altrincham Rifle and Pistol club.

You can download from here a copy of the results for the competition
on Sunday 16 January 2011. It was an excellent turnout, with every
place filled. A thank you to all for attending from Ian Jones from
the club who organised it. There was a big turnout filling all the
available places .A big thank you must go to Ian himself and the
club for organising it.

There were lots of great scores achieved on the day, but nobody
should be disappointed with their scores. Many entrants had no
prior experience of shooting, and there was a lot to take in and to
think about. Some of the entrants will be invited to join a squad
to attend some training sessions during the next couple of months
leading to possible selection for the Greater Manchester West
County Team for  the National Team Competition on 27 March
2011. That will be the focus for the next couple of months. After
that we will look at how we may be able to provide the opportunity
for more training, at a slower pace for any other scouts who are
interested in doing some more shooting, and possibly getting into
next year’s team.

If anybody is interested in finding out more about Altrincham
Rifle and Pistol club, then let me know and I will pass
the request on to Ian.

Andy Connellan ACC(Scouts)