14th Sale gain Entrepeneur Award

The Scout Association recently introduced an Entrepreneur Award
and Scouts from the 14th Sale are amongst the first in
the country to gain it.

In just six weeks they formed a company, called
‘MY MUGZ’, elected Directors, resourced, produced and sold
personalised mugs and finally made a presentation to a ‘Dragons
Den’ panel.

Sale District Chairman, Chris Maxted, is a fully qualified
Business Adviser and, when he saw the new badge being promoted he
offered to help local scouts to gain it, the 14th took
up the challenge. He said “I knew it was possible to run a
short programme from my mentoring experience, but their achievement
was really outstanding.

Daniel Jones, Managing Director, said ‘We learnt a lot,
agendas, minutes, market research – these terms now mean something
to us.

Managing a team is not easy – everyone has different roles
to play and you all need the same goal.’

Mathew Perry, Finance Director, reported that ‘each
shareholder made nearly 400% return on their investment’

The Dragons Den panel were vastly impressed. Angie Reilly, a
successful local businesswoman, said that these youngsters, aged
between 11 and 14, had shown a better understanding of things like
writing minutes, and preparing a balance sheet than some

The group aim to continue their success by repeating the
exercise with Valentines Day and Easter mugs.

14th Sale