2010 Chamboree

Cheshire was ready to welcome the

3rd/1st Eccles this year decided to go
global, but in the international playground that is Cheshire!

We started to set up camp 2 days before the opening, in order to
escape the inevitable mêlée that is typical of  a large camp,
and a large camp it was, having 3,500 scouts plus another 1000 cubs
and beavers over the first weekend.

We arrived at the Cheshire agricultural showground to set up
camp, what a place, it was massive! After being shown our site, we
set up and left in anticipation of the week to come, excited wasn’t
the right word to describe it!

The day arrived and all the scouts turned up on time and we were
ready for the opening ceremony, firstly, at our sub-camp Tower of
London, then to the main arena for the Mega launch.

Pic 1

It was party, party, party all week, with more activities during
the day

Pic 2

There were 8 Activity Zones, 6 of which are half-day Zones, 2 of
which are full days but split into two distinct half-day areas,
meaning that every half-day, Scouts will undertake new, different
and exciting activities.

  • Action Zone,
  • Arena Zone,
  • Energy Zone,
  • Global Zone,
  • Olympia Zone,
  • Power Zone,
  • Skill Zone,
  • Urban Zone,  

Everyone who attended Chamboree 2010 will, amongst other badges
and awards, be able to gain their Adventure and Global Challenge

Also a special badge for Chamboree 2010 – the Chamboree Knight,
if all the Zones on the scout’s passport are completed.


Opening Ceremony. Featuring a special tribute act, Robbie
Williams and Chamboree X the entertainment group.


Neon Party Night featuring “Sunday Night Takeaway” with lots of
exciting prizes. You were encouraged to wear clothes that glow in
UV light!

The Knights of Cheshire, with jousting and broad sword fighting
on Sunday Afternoon.

Pic 3


Knights at the Movie’s. Everybody was encouraged to dress up as
a movie star and enter via the red carpet, fight your way through
the paparazzi and settle down for a film show.

There were 2 other groups there from the county, 17th
Stretford and 15th Wigan.

Here I am meeting Buzz from 15th Wigan.

Pic 4


Campfire. Also featuring the Jez
Avery stunt show, a fantastic bike rider who can ride with only one
rear wheel and a performance by the Chamboree X the young
entertainment group.

Pic 5


Beach Party. Special beach games
plus a live band called Pegasus Bridge.

Pic 6


Talent Night – “The Tabley X Factor”. 2 of our scouts auditioned
for this; unfortunately they didn’t get past the 1st stage but very
brave to be there in the first place, well done to them!

Pic 7


Closing Ceremony. The closing ceremony, was not the usual Ging
Gang Gooli, more “come on boys” as we had a Kylie Minogue act which
got most of the audience in Love with her!.

Pic 8

As it was an international camp, we got our scouts to introduce
themselves to our foreign scouters. There were Norwegian, Zambian,
Irish, German, French and American groups attending the

There was even invites to dinner (which was reciprocal) as we
have various unknown scouts sat in the mess tent waiting for food
as the leaders got back from activities!

We as the leaders also made friends with a district near our
camp. These guys has travelled with full camping gear all the way
from the New Forest, needless to say guess where we are going next

Sadly it was too soon to go home, what a week. To quote one of
our scouts “when’s the next one?” sadly its every 4 years so
hopefully our scouts will be explorers and will go as young

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See how we made a new world record, watch you tube films and the
1000 and 1 other things we got up to and saw!!

Report by Andrew Scialpi-Sullivan

ASL 3rd/1st Eccles Scouts

ADC (S) Ellesmere