2010 Omega Camp

On the weekend of the 10th to 12th September 41 Scouts from the
Sale district survived the Omega Camp. This is a survivial camp
held at Giant’s Seat campsite, where they had to build shelters,
scavange for food, gut and skin rabbits, identify what birds you
can eat from their feathers plus cook. 11 Teams from the 7th Sale,
17th Sale and 2nd Brooklands entered the competition. Tony Sant and
his band of helpers explained the differences between the types of
mushrooms and berries you can and can not eat plus taught survival

The Regional Commissoner Chris Harris visited on the Sunday and
was impressed with what they had acheived and how confident the
scouts were in speaking to him including the youngest Megan at 10
and half who had only been in scouts 2 weeks. His message to them
was to tell they friends what they did over the weekend and how is
it much better than sitting playing an X Box.

Thanks must to Tony, Steve etc for orgranising the camp. Also a
extra thanks must go to Tony which for him this was the last event
as ADC(S) of Sale.

The top placings as follows got prizes with the winners, a team
from 7th Sale, won the shield. This was the first time they had won
it in 20 years of entering. Well done to them. All participants got
a unique “2010 Omega” badge plus a special necker.

Au Naturale – 7th Sale
Poppodoms – 2nd Brooklands
Bivvy Boys – 2nd Brooklands
Not Applicable – 2nd Brooklands
Da Gilrls – 7th Sale & 2nd Brooklands

You can get the full results from here.