2010 Swinton and Pendlebury Orienteering Competition

The Swinton and Pendlebury District Scout Orienteering day was
held on Saturday 3rd July 2010 at Haigh Hall. The day
was a great success and the weather was warm and sunny.

The event was attended by 14th Swinton, !st Clifton
and 12th Swinton Scout Troops, there were leaders from
the Groups assisting with the event and 14th Swintons
young leader Jack Law who is going to the Jamboree next year.

The six teams that took part had to navigate their way around
the red and orange courses that were 3.2km and of medium to
difficult grading.

All enjoyed the day having a great time which ended in a cricket
match and presentation of the trophy to the winning team from
1st Clifton Scouts. 

Paul Mullineux Group Scout Leader 14th Swinton