2010 St. Georges parade – Windsor

Having just been awarded the Silver Acorn I was lucky
enough to be able to attend the St. Georges day parade at Windsor
on the 25th April this year. Prince Charles (for the first time
ever) took the salute with the Chief Scout Bear Grylls in
attendance. Prince Charles talked to a number of the Queens Scouts
where as Bear as well as talking to the explorers tried to shake
all their hands. Through out Prince Charles and Bear had a lot
to talk about

Other awardees who also attended Windsor included Hugh
Davies (Silver Wolf), Joyce Kendrick (Bar to the Silver Acorn),
Margaret Davies (Silver Acorn), Bill Beecroft
(SilverAcorn), Derek Brown (Silver Acorn) and John
Hunt (Silver Acorn). Issac Turner a cub scout from 3rd Ashton
attended as a recipient of the Cornwell Scout Badge (one of only
two that were awarded this badge this year). Two of GMW
Explorers Joe Daley and Jake Smith from
Ellesmere were actually in the parade. Well done to

Also well done to the 3rd Davyhulme band who entertained
before hand and played during the parade. One comment from a non
GMW scouter in the crowd was that they were just as good as the
official band.

In the morning a number of us attended Matins along with
the Bear Grylls and other UK commissioners at St. Georges chapel.
After the parade the Queens Scouts had their St. Georges service in
the Chapel.

A very good day was had by all and I can thoroughly
recommend it to any one in the fortunate position to get an

Andy Connellan ACC(S).

PS See this link for Wayne’s Blog description of the