2010 2MAD4 Leaders

The 2010 2MAD4 Leaders was held at Linnet Clough on the last
weekend in March.  As tradition has it this being the time
where the clocks go forward. But the harden leaders of GMW can cope
with more lack of sleep (at least some can).

2MAD4L stands for 2 multi activity days and this year it was non
stop than most with Cube climbing, Low ropes, Assault course, Le
Mans Pedal Cars, Shooting, Geocaching, Danish Long Ball, Catapult
building and a number of team building activities being carried out
over the weekend.

As well as the fun events there was Technology in Scouting
training and an issues session. During the issues session problems
in the scout troop were listed, prioritised and potential solutions
identified for the top three. Download the output of this session
from here. Let the ACC(S) know if this is useful
output. A scouts own was put together by the participants as well
as service carried out for the Linnet Clough site.

The participants were divided into two teams the Bluejays and
the D’EGS who fiercely competed in the competition part of the
event. The D’EGS came out eventual winners. Well done to them. For
the full results download from here. A university challenge quiz based on a
Scouting theme was held. As one would expect a team of experts
including the CC won the quiz. Although there was some
controversial questions on Nights Away and spacing between contour

Special mention must go to Jessica who overcame her fears and
managed to climb the cube. No mean feat.

is a set of photos of the event care of and thanks to Andy
Pagett. Watch this space for details of next year’s event.

Some more photos.

Up the cube.

Up the cube

Through the assault course.

Through the assault course

Will it collapse.

Will she fall