1) What is happening to Scout Fellowships?

Scout Fellowships will cease on the 31/12/2010.

The District Scout Fellowships within the County will be
migrated to Scout Active Support Units (SASU) over the following

Troll the County Scout Active Support Unit Manager (CSASUM) will
be talking to DC’s and reviewing existing Scout Fellowships before
they become SASU’s.


2) What is the County Scout Active Support

This is a Unit that runs at County level to help at County
sectional events.You can be a member of a District Active Support
Unit as well as the County one.


3) I am currently the ADC Scout Fellowship in my
District what will happen to me?

You will need to discuss with your DC what role they see you
taking on. It may well be that you take on the role of District
Scout Active Support Unit Manager (DSASUM)   You will be
contacted by your DC and the CSASUM this year.


4) I don’t hold an appointment and want to join an Scout
Active Support Unit. Do I need to fill out any forms?

Yes. you need to fill out a CRB form and a form AA. To find out
more please email: